In the meantime, we have introduced the numerous cosplay dedicated to Dragon Ball Super World cat dayFans of the manga of Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro decided to congratulate a certain character in the saga.

The god of the destruction of universe 7 would hardly agree to be united with a quiet flat catHowever, the original character design is clearly inspired by the Sphynx, a breed of cats known for not having hair in their fur. Beerus, one of the first antagonists of the unpublished saga, already appears in the first episode of Dragon Ball Super, in which you can see his enormous power: Accompanied by Whis, he actually chooses it destroy the planet he was onHe was not happy with the food he was allowed to try. Over the course of the episodes we will then see how he competes against Goku and the other protagonists of the cartoon and manages to keep up with the infamous Saiyans.

Beerus isn't the only anthropomorphic character featured in the works of Akira ToriyamaIn particular, during the first series dedicated to Dragon Ball, numerous characters with animal traits could be seen. If you are looking for rumors about the second part of the saga, we show you our video for the second season of Dragon Ball Super.

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