With the beginning of Dragon Ball greatAkira Toriyama, along with Toyotaro, who is in charge of the sequel to 'Z', took the opportunity to introduce the characters belonging to the divine realm into the manga. Among the deities that make up the 12 universes, one dominates all others, namely Zeno.

A large part of the community blames Goku for the tournament that threatened the existence of the universes considered weak by the king, and there is even someone who in this regard is convinced that Zeno can become the main antagonist of the future. While this is just speculation for now, it's tempting to see our heroes go head-to-head in the near future the most powerful being of all time.

However, for those wondering, Zeno did not always rule the 12 universes, but β€œonly” 8.5 million years. If that number seems small to you, just know that this -in Chapter 28 of Dragon Ball Super- exactly one 3,135,500,603 days. Zeno is certainly the oldest divine being among all those present, but the question still arises: Who was there before him?

We don't know if this question will ever be answered. In the meantime, let us know what you think by commenting below.

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