Dragon Ball Super: Gogeta Super Saiyan 4 Ultra Perfect Instinct comes to life in a fanart

Since the release of Dragon Ball SuperFans of the brand have split into two groups: on the one hand we find the fans of the new saga, on the other hand we find a large number of lovers who would have liked a new version of Dragon Ball GT. To please both parties, a specific crossover was created on Instagram.

One of the main discussions about Dragon Ball is the real fighting strength of the protagoniststhat. Who is the strongest? Broly, Jiren or Goku? To finalize this discussion, InkArtLuis has breathed life into the ultimate warrior and knows that the answer doesn't contain any of the three characters mentioned.

The artist imagined a very special cross between Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball GT and on his Instagram profile gave birth to Gogeta Super Saiyan 4 Ultra Perfect Instinct. The character is visually impressive and exudes power at first glance. This merger of Goku and Vegeta manages to reach the full potential of Ultra Instinct, and the addition of Super Saiyan 4 is phenomenal.

Gogeta became a canon character thanks to his appearance in the franchise's newest film, Dragon Ball Super: Broly. If that fate also affects Super Saiyan 4, then this transformation will be created by the artist it can't be so imaginary anymore. Dragon Ball Super definitely needs a makeover and this new transformation could give the franchise the missing boost. Therefore, at the end of the Dragon Ball Super Pier narrative arc, the Super Saiyan 4 could officially appear.

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GOGETA SSJ4 MASTERED ULTRA INSTICT by DragonBall IS HE THE STRONGEST SAIYAN FUSION EVER CREATED? if not tell me which one 😁💪. I love GOGETA SSJ4 !!! In my opinion, GT has the best transformations and fusions. In terms of the story, I'm not a huge fan especially the fact that Goku is becoming a kid ... but instead, I loved it: great villains and designs too! 😁💪 And I decided to make him ULTRA INSTICT, just because of course he can, if Goku can. Yr Copyrights: Toriyama. #gogeta # ssj4 # ssj3 #animeartwork #animefanart #tips #animeart #body #art #anatomy #drawing #sketch #artist #character #design #lineart #fitness #fanart #fit #inspiration #howtodraw

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