Goku's infamous move in the final chapter of Dragon Ball Super It has left many readers with bated breath and deep disappointment. The Saiyan has indeed relapsed into an ancient mistake that in the past had endangered the life of the earth. What does the protagonist have to do now to avoid the worst?

Once again, Molo managed to get out of trouble and, with an unexpected twist, take advantage of a severed body part, the arm that had copied Merus' ability to do so Unlock Ultra Instinct and get it with Goku. However, since his body was not used to the pressure of divine technology, the wizard had to merge with the earth to prevent him from being eliminated by the Saiyan.

On the flip side, Goku was faced with an unjustifiable mistake, a major problem that he must face himself at the expense of a drastic decision. While it is very likely that thanks to his new tech, Vegeta will have the job of sorting things out, it would be a lot more interesting if Toriyama is Toyotaro chose the most drastic decision: the destruction of the earth by Goku to save the universe and the resurrection of the planet thanks to the Namek spheres. The latter remains a fairly distant hypothesis, but we just have to wait for the next chapter to know the final part of the battle.

How will our heroes manage to stop Molo? As always, let us know yours with a comment below.

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