The arrival of Black Frieza at the end of the Cerelean survivor saga has significantly changed the plans of the protagonists of Dragon Ball Super. Goku and Vegeta were completely overwhelmed by the alien, who managed to knock them out with just a few punches, confirming that he had reached a very high level of power.

Goku and Vegeta's new goal, which is to train to overcome Black Freeza, takes them so far away from the new Dragon Ball Super saga that instead focuses more on the events related to the superhero movie will. And indeed, in Dragon Ball Super 88 there is virtually no trace of the two Saiyans, replaced instead by their children Goths and Trunks. The two live their everyday lives between school and work as superheroes, but also from a sentimental point of view, especially Trunks.

That Bulma's son seems quite attracted to Mai, who now works alongside Pilaf and Shu at Capsule Corporation in the Inventor's service to earn a living and not get kicked out of the structure. Unfortunately, the work that Mai has to do is so much down to the malfunctions of various Capsule Corporation robots, but Trunks seems very convinced of wanting to conquer her, so much so that he buys tickets to the cinema and embarks on a spooky mission where he will face the ghoul-like creatures he is afraid of. It's a shame things aren't going as well as hoped for the boy.

That confirms it Trunks is in love with MaiSomething more could also be born between the two during this story arc considering the foundations laid during the Black Goku saga.

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