Dragon Ball Super: Chapter 60 highlighted Goku’s serious mistake

Molo with his men set the Earth on fire, but this invasion occurred a few chapters ago Dragon Ball Super she stopped thanks to the arrival of Goku, who returned after a grueling training with Merus. Thus began the clash between Goku and Molo, with the famous Saiyan who practiced training on Ultra Instinct.

As explained by Merus in chapter 59 of Dragon Ball Super, Goku has failed to completely master this technique, stopping at what is called Ultra Instinct Omen, the first incomplete version. However this form was not quite as seen in Dragon Ball Super 60.

Goku has in fact continued to fight with Molo using Ultra Instinct and the clash that initially seemed in favor of the Saiyan is quickly reversed. Molo in fact suffers very little from Goku's attacks and continues to hit him inflicting serious damage. Merus and Whis are watching from their planet and the former galactic patrol member is worried about Goku who is not using Ultra Instinct as it should.

And to demonstrate this, in the final part of the clash the protagonist of Dragon Ball Super completely loses the aura of Ultra Instinct. He is now at the mercy of Molo but Vegeta arrives just in time to save him and unleash his new technique.

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