in the Dragon Ball SuperAs is often the case in Akira Toriyama's original manga, death is unlikely to last forever. This fate happens exclusively to the wicked, or rather to some of them, since between resurrection and reincarnation even some enemies of Goku and his companions have returned to the world of the living.

The same fate could not touch the angel Merus, who gave himself by sacrificing his own existence to bring Goku to the full level of Ultra Instinct. Died or rather canceled for various reasons, it was not taken for granted that the character He would be back in Dragon Ball Super one day.

However, the mangakas have Toyotaro and Toriyama used the power of the high priest so that Merus can return to his friends in Chapter 67 of Dragon Ball Super. In the first half of the chapter, the high priest decides to hear Kaioshin's prayer and use his powers to bring Merus back to life, and the High Being grants the wish, though There will be a mortal life for Merus and not divine before.

His gesture has little consequence for the heroes, and those who suffer from it may just be Beerus, the god of destruction, forced to act as the horse for the two Zeno.

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