Dragon Ball Super: A touching Easter egg connects C-17 with C-18?

The androids from Dragon Ball, introduced in the Cell Saga, are some of the most fascinating characters in the franchise. From shady or even evil characters, as Trunks tells of the future, to real heroes. Their development was surprising and one fan came up with a rather fascinating theory.

In Dragon Ball Super The androids have made their big comebackand demonstrate all their might. In particular, great attention has been paid to # 17, a character who is literally being reborn in a new light.

In the work of Toyotaro and Toriyama, Android 17 dresses the figure of the good: He found a job as a park ranger and spends his days Defense of animals on an uninhabited island. In fact, he wanted to turn down Goku's proposal to participate in the Tournament of Power for fear of abandoning his furry friends. But why was there such a clear development?

A fan of Reddit tried to answer this question with a rather unusual but plausible theory. # 17 wouldn't do anything but carry out the will of his brother C-16Android 16 was a huge animal lover indeed and was considered a gentle giant. Thanks to these small details, Dragon Ball is confirmed as a significant work. Speaking of androids, you may not yet know all about the original names of these beloved Dragon Ball characters. Dragon Ball has spawned numerous cosplay games specifically designed for Android 17 and 18. However, this game will make you laugh in particular.

Android 17 is an environmentalist out of respect for his brother 16 from r / dbz

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