Most recently, following recent developments from Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta's new transformation, the "Super Saiyan Purple" shape has started shooting online. What would the iconic Saiyan prince look like with the most purple colors? A fan tried to imagine it with an illustration.

After Vegeta's flop in the Molo saga, in which the prince did not make himself the protagonist in direct confrontation with the magician, it is time for fans that Toriyama is Toyotaro Allow the appropriate space a character of his caliber deserves within the narrative. It appears that the two authors have responded to the appeal as Vegeta has already started training with Beerus to steal from him some of the secrets and techniques he hides as the god of destruction.

Thus the theory arose that the Saiyajin prince can learn some of the powers of a god, a hypothesis not as far from reality as it is Goku learned Ultra Instinct, Technique in a way that falls within the sphere of the divine. Also, a kind of parallelism was born: silver hair for Goku, who trains under the guidance of Whis, and purple for Vegeta, who instead trains with the god of the destruction of the seventh universe. The artist Reinald he didn't miss the opportunity to imagine that Vegeta Super Saiyan Purple in a special illustration that you can admire at the end of the news, borrowing the iconic style of Naohiro Shintani

As for you, what do you think of this possible form of the Saiyan prince instead? Please let us know as usual in the area reserved for comments.

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