Goten and Trunks' superhero lives are certainly not going well, but the two boys don't have too many problems. This is if we don't take that into accountdr Hedo's interferencethe young scientist who will later be of importance in the plans of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, who sends android upon android against the two young half-Saiyajin.

The very first Dragon Ball Super 90 spoiler officially released by V-Jump on their social accounts had shown Kuririn a police officer breaking into a supermarket, but why? Obviously everything is well explained from the first seven official spoiler pages of Dragon Ball Super 90available in the two tweets below, complete with an English translation made by some fans of Toyotaro and Toriyama's manga.

The chapter begins with Krillin in Westtown who is conducting an exploration in an area looking for the Butterfly Mountain zombies he learned about with Goten and Trunks in the new cycle of the manga. Arriving at a supermarket where Mai is staying, among other things, he meets three zombies, which he stops and even points his gun at them. After blocking, the scene changes on the fourth page. Goten is playing on the Kinton cloud when he arrives near the school, then takes his classmates on the bus to pretend they live nearby.

A classmate of Goten asks the boy if he can convince Trunks to go to a party with her, but Goten is forced to refuse, knowing that Bulma's son wants to invite Mai and is interested in her. However, a new enemy is coming for the boy: Beta 7 stops the bus and calls Goten, and said she knew he was a Saiyaman. What awaits the protagonist in this Dragon Ball Super saga?

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