After Molo, we were projected onto a saga that appears very untypical for the world of Dragon Ball even in the first chapters. We met Granolah for the first time, an alien whose history is closely intertwined with the Saiyans and Freeza. But in Dragon Ball Super 68 was also room for a new group of villains.

But these are special: four characters with immense economic power and desperate for information. Though strong, they don't look like Dragon Ball Super's normal enemies and no particular villain seems to stand out among them. That's why, What will happen in Dragon Ball Super 69??

There will certainly be some progress for Goku and Vegeta, who are currently training with Whis and Beerus, but the arrival of the real bad guy may still be a long way off. Despite Oracle Fish's prophecy of the birth of the strongest warrior in the universe, Toyotaro and Toriyama could rest some chapters First, dive into Granolah and the Heeter familyto get a good grasp of where this new narrative arc is. The surprises around the corner could indeed be many and before the birth of the villain that Goku will face, we could get an in-depth study of the Saiyans and the universe of the manga.

Dragon Ball Super 69 will be released on MangaPlus on February 19th at 16:00 in English and Spanish.

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