The new saga of Dragon Ball Super shows the heroes of the series who want to train to push their limits even further. In fact, the new chapter reminds us that the Z-Warriors are far from defeating characters like Beerus.

At the end of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner story arc, Goku was able to control a new form of theUltra instinct this gives him a power far superior to that of his companions. In order not to be outdone, Vegeta trains hard, and after Beerus learned Instant Transmission and Forced Spiritual Fission on the planet Yardrat, he began advising the Saiyan in the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super.

The God of Destruction appeared at the beginning of the sequel and was equated with god by the skills of Goku Super Saiyan and actually much more powerful than it seems, divinity was actually held back during the first fight with the protagonist. Further evidence of his strength is shown to us during Vegeta's training that although he has reached the level of Super Saiyan Blue, he couldn't in the least scratch Beerus.

Unfortunately, we still have no way of knowing how much superior the God of Destruction's abilities really are, but they are an affirmation that they exist for our beloved warriors still a long way to go.

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Finally, I remember that the new chapter of Dragon Ball Super revealed the identity of the Sugarians.

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