Dragon Ball Super 64: the change of Goku, what do his last words mean?

The time has come. After a first test with an imperfect and useless Ultra Instinct against Molo at maximum strength, Goku managed to achieve the perfect state of the new divine technique. Merus' choice was spot on and unleashed the protagonist's true strength Dragon Ball Super.

In Dragon Ball Super 64, Goku started going wild. After taking the mythical form, There was no longer any hope for Molo. So far, the Saiyan has managed to hit and injure the enemy at every opportunity without receiving a single blow. This demonstrated the enormous power gap between the two that was almost insurmountable.

However, at the final stage of the chapter, there seems to have been one Change of intent in Goku. When he first fought as a galactic cop and then was forced to give the enemy the death penalty, he eventually decides to take off his shirt and fight as an Earthling, almost as if to accept the enemy's request for help, apparently in dying and fear the strength of the opponent.

Goku's gesture is very dubious, so Beerus was also contrite by the gesture and does not see any rosy expectation. The Chapter 65 of Dragon Ball Super will give us another reversal in the face or will Molo join the good guys?

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