Goku and Vegeta lost again to Molo, the new villain that Toyotaro and Toriyama had prepared for it Dragon Ball Super Saga. It seems nothing can stop it after it has received its new form. Because of this, the protagonists are in a state of major difficulty.

Dragon Ball Super 63 is just around the corner. The expected release date is August 20th, but the first drafts are already on the internet, which you can see below. The tables in question concentrate on the first few pages of the chapter and already tell us important things about what to expect.

Collection at the end of the last chapter, Merus has come to save the situation. Jaco asks the colleague where he has been going all this time and the angel apologizes for the delay, but reveals that he is only there to buy time and not to take out the enemy. In the meantime it is noticed that Goku, Vegeta and the others have disappeared from the barrier and Molo deactivates them for this reason. In fact, Merus wants to “end Goku’s training,” although it is not yet known how.

The clash between the two competitors begins and Merus immediately gets an advantage Thanks also to the use of a weapon reminiscent of Goku’s historic extendable stick that appeared at the beginning of Dragon Ball. With one attack after another, Merus inflicts multiple wounds on Molo, who seems to understand something about the enemy. How will Chapter 63 of Dragon Ball Super continue? We will see Goku returns with the full Ultra Instinct?

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