Dragon Ball Super 61 is on MangaPlus: Vegeta proves to be the strongest

Almost a month has passed since the publication of Dragon Ball Super chapter 60. Last time, Goku had been unable to resist against the incessant attacks of Molo because of the Ultra Instinct not yet fully mastered. Vegeta came to save the situation and seemed to have an excellent trump card.

Finally the Saiyan prince will return to the center of the scene and no longer obscured by his friend-rival Kakaroth, and he does it in Dragon Ball Super chapter 61, now available on MangaPlus. The prince of the Saiyans attacks from the first page, which also shows the title of the chapter: "Vegeta reborn".

THE Saiyan's first attacks do not appear to affect Pier and Piccolo, Gohan, C18 and C17 have doubts about Vegeta's attempts. Shot after shot, the battle goes on and the wizard is visibly ahead. However, the saiyan does not give in and slowly it seems to become stronger and reach a level on par with the enemy.

However, one realizes almost immediately that it is not Vegeta to have become stronger but weaker pier, and the cause of all this is to be found in the new technique learned by Vegeta on Yardrat. There forced spiritual fission it is allowing the saiyan to slowly extract energy from Molo's body and the outcome can be seen thanks to an energy sphere that appears in the sky.

As the battle goes on and on Vegeta manages to release more and more energy from his opponent, then referring it to the rightful owner, Piccolo talks to Goku and makes it clear how mentally the other protagonist of Dragon Ball Super has grown. This is due to the meeting with Goku and Vegeta is probably also trying to make amends for his past by trying to save the galaxy from Molo.

After Jaco's permission, Vegeta prepares to deliver the coup de grace to Molo. However the magician uses his magic to escape and head for the spacecraft. Here he kills Shimorekka and devours 73, where he hid part of his powers and energy. Taking a new form, this time Molo gets even stronger and immediately knocks Vegeta down. What will the protagonists of Dragon Ball Super do to stop the new transformation of the enemy?

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