Dragon Ball: Junya Furusawa leaves us, the historical official artist of the anime

Being part of an ambitious project known worldwide as that of Dragon Ball involves burdens and honors. However, it often happens in the animation industry that some crucial roles in the enhancement of a work are overshadowed.

We are sure that many people do not know the name of Junya Furusawa, well-known artist linked above all to the Akira Toriyama franchise. The reason behind this apparent unpopularity is due to the absence of credits in his Dragon Ball themed works. However, Furusawa's career started in college, when he became popular at home thanks to his iconic trait particularly similar to that of Toriyama sensei. Soon, the artist was hired to create official and promotional illustrations to be published in children's magazines, especially on the occasion of the feature film releases.

To learn more about his works, we suggest a quick search on Google Images to be able to give even a quick look at the many artistic representations made by Furusawa during his career, before actually renouncing the collaboration with the franchise to embark on the mangaka road. . In the past few hours, numerous Japanese artists have confirmed a news that had been hovering in the air for a few weeks, that is the disappearance of Junya Furusawa on May 1st.

An unpleasant news for all those Dragon Ball fans who have also grown thanks to its extraordinary illustrations, many of which often ended up as wallpaper for thousands of smartphones and PCs.

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