Dragon ball remains one of the pillars of the battle today, and as the franchise continues to grow in popularity thanks to Dragon Ball Super, a series designed by Toyotaro and overseen by original creator Akira Toriyama, longtime fans will prefer to remember Goku and the past adventures Z warriors

Often times on the internet you can find reconstructions of cult scenes seen in the anime or manga, or cosplay to say the least, or even an endless amount of fanart and illustration This highlights the immense passion that binds many people to Dragon Ball and recently some fans decided to create a pair of bespoke shoes dedicated to this theme Story of the Saiyan who came to earth more than 36 years ago.

As you can see in the post at the bottom of the news shared by @MundoKame on Twitter, the Air Jordans used as the base model are distinguished by the colors blue and orange of theIconic suit by Goku with the Go family symbol on the tongueand the presence of the Dragon Ball with four stars in the background. Another specialty of the shoes are the Scenes that can be seen beneath some specially made tearsLike trying to recreate Goku's design in a particularly difficult battle.

Remember the Funko Pop was announced! exclusively to the hermit Karin, and we leave you to a new character dedicated to Vegetto.

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