Dragon Ball GT goes on and will likely continue to be discussed as it is a project that effectively splits the community associated with Akira Toriyama in two. Additionally, the words of one of the anime's screenwriters have recently surfaced over the debate over the canonicity of the "Z" sequel.

Today we know that Toriyama himself had an important role in Dragon Ball GT and oversaw the entire production, but there are even those who would like to have the black star balls in DB Super's main story.

Anyway, yesterday aroused yet another excitement a reply from Takao Koyamaone of the authors of TOEI animation who has worked on almost all projects related to the Dragon Ball anime. A user would ask the author if he could consider it GT as the official sequel to Z received full confirmation from Koyama. In fact, this is indeed true, but you have to take that into account Officiality and canonicity are not the same.

GT is definitely one of the official Dragon Ball Z sequels, as is DB Super, but it's not canon as it's far removed from the original source material. Likewise For example, Super Dragon Ball Heroes can be considered an official storybut also not canonical.

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