Dragon Ball: Goku wasn’t always pure at heart, here’s why

Goku is one of the most innocent, naive, and nicest characters in the entire anime landscape. But has it always been like that? Although not intentionally, in Dragon ball The protagonist has repeatedly exceeded the limit imposed on the heroes.

When it comes to selfless and kind characters, it's impossible not to mention Goku. The protagonist of Dragon Ball is ready to risk his life to defend not only his loved ones, but the entire population of planet earth. However, the Saiyan did not always have its own distinctive heart of gold.

As a child, Goku seemed harmless and innocent. But although he couldn't remember his proud warrior race when the full moon appeared, little Goku turned into a huge, unstoppable monkey. In this formidable form, the protagonist of Dragon Ball accidentally killed his adoptive grandfather Gohan. He only became aware of this cruel act during the fight with Vegeta, which took place many years later.

But even in his normal form, Goku was an extraordinarily strong child. The young Saiyan was able to do this during the fight with Al Satan or the big little demon pierce and kill with one blow. In the first series, Goku also wiped out the entire Red Band army.

Given the latent potential, it's incredible that Goku stayed on the path for good. In the following series the change was clear; For example, in Dragon Ball Super, he even hesitated to kill his antagonists, even the most cruel. While he's not the smartest Saiyan in the franchise, he definitely is the purest heart. Let's get back to finding the Dragon Balls with this Dragon Ball cosplay. One artist imagined the protagonists of Dragon Ball when they were older.

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