The heroes of Dragon Ball, Naruto and ONE PIECE You helped color the days of our childhood. As a tribute to those carefree days, an enthusiast decided to engrave the protagonists of the works of Toriyama, Kishimoto and Oda on his skin.

The gigantic tattoo covers the entire back from the body of the fan from the neck to the floor. Seen from above, it is possible to admire the Shenron dragon with two Dragon Balls in hand, ready to express any wish. Below him is a menacing Goku Super Saiyan 3, who wants to deal a fatal blow to his opponents with his long blond hair.

In the lower back, on the left, Naruto is in Hermitian mode, wearing the clothes he wore during the legendary battle against pain. By his side there is a very powerful Luffy intention to unleash a very powerful Red Hawk. It is also available in the area below a smiling Saitama, Star of One-Punch Man.

But not just the back even the arms of the fan are covered in this spectacular tattoo. A very powerful Goku Ultra Perfect Instinct can be seen on the left arm, while the right arm is covered by a red dragon that is no more recognizable. What do you think of the tattoo? Do you have thematic tattoos? We admire these Dragon Ball drawings by Yusuke Murata. C18 is perfect in this Dragon Ball Z cosplay.

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