Digimon Adventure 2020: The recap of Episode 24 anticipates the final form of Devimon

The previous installment in the Reboot series Digimon Adventure 2020 Introduced fans of the franchise to another devimon capable of taking on a new and powerful form called NeoDevimon, and the images shown in the episode 24 preview seem to have expected another unprecedented transformation for the antagonist .

After the collapse of Devimon CastleTai and Matt inevitably faced the enemy who brought their companions to the ultimate stage, MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon in serious trouble. After an intense confrontation, the DigiChosen seemed to have somehow managed to counter the enemy's attacks, but the recap of Episode 24 expected more dramatic developments than expected.

By title "The last phase, finished Devimon"the episode was presented with the following words: "Devimon, who apparently was finally defeated, turns into Done Devimon and attacks. At that moment, Koshiro and the others understand via a tablet that many large ships are losing control one after the other ... in different ways parts of the ocean. Matt attacks DoneDevimon brutally with WereGarurumon, but is defeated and Tai is captured by DoneDevimon...! However, a strange and powerful light attack is triggered by MetalGreymon, who is consumed by anger and rage and also hits Takeru and Tokomon. "

Although the thumbnails you can find below showed an increasingly powerful devimon, this should also be kept in mind MetalGreymon has entered a kind of berserk modewhich could introduce another development for Tai's Digimon. Recall that WarGreymon has a stunning collectible statue and that the Digimon series is ready to return with a new Christmas album.

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