After numerous rumors, the long-awaited moment has finally come: One of the two holy Digimon has finally joined the new episode of Restart Digimon Adventure. Let's admire this iconic DigiEvolution together.

Digimon Adventure 2020 made the Digidestined traverse the Eternal Continent to fend off the dark army of Millenniumon. In this complicated mission, Tai's sister Hikari is chosen as the eighth to join her partner Tailmon. After so much waiting, Holy is Digimon finally ready for DigiEvolvere.

Tailmon had previously been held captive by DarkKnightmon who intended to use him as a victim to bring Millenniumon back to life. This is exactly why Hikaris was Digimon Fear of having to develop further or fight. However, in the face of MarineDevimon, one of the toughest opponents of all time, the connection between the eighth Digiprescelta and its partner prevailed.

In the thirty-fifth episode of the restart, Hikari Tailmon helps a overcome its internal turbulenceand eventually managed to become angewomon. As previously assumed, Angewomon has arrived in Digimon Adventure, but will that be enough to stop MarineDevimon and thwart the antagonists' plans? With this new debut, Digimon Adventure's reboot could finally coincide with the original series, which is considered vastly superior by the community.

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