The growth of Demon Slayer is literally meaningless. The manga, with about 3.5 million copies sold in April 2019, has recorded an unprecedented increase in sales in the last eight months ending up annihilating, in the true sense of the word, any other giant in the sector, including ONE PIECE.

As if that wasn't enough, a few moments ago Comic Natalie confirmed that the work of Koyoharu Gotouge, with just 21 volumes published, has broken the wall of 80 million copies in circulation. It is a frightening result, which has allowed the manga to overcome giants of the caliber of Kingdom (66 million with 58 volumes), Fullmetal Alchemist (70.3 with 27 volumes), Fairy Tail (72 million with 63 volumes) e Hunter x Hunter (78 with 36 volumes).

To give you an idea, we remind you that on October 24, 2019 Demon Slayer counted about 16 million copies sold, an exorbitant number if we consider that we are talking about a manga of 2016. Not even a month later, more precisely on November 22, it was confirmed that the total number of copies in circulation was around 20 million. The demolition of the 25 million wall was officially confirmed on 26 November in May 2020 that of the 60. Today, thirty days after the last update, the distribution of another 20 million copies has been confirmed.

The work is currently in its sights Captain Tsubasa, Vagabond, Sazae-san (which started serialization in 1946) e The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo, all works that he will likely pass before the end of summer. Considering the sales boost that will come after the distribution of the Demon Slayer film and the second season of the anime, it is not impossible that the work reaches the Top 10 of the best selling manga in history.

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