Born from the collaboration with Shonen Jump, Deadpool Samurai is one of the comics most cherished by Marvel Comics readers right now. After meeting My Hero Academias All Might, Wade Wilson delves into the Dragon Ball Z universe this time with a disrespectful quote.

After forming an irresistible duo against Thanos with All Might, Deadpool now faces Loki and a whole Villain army. Chatty Mercenary, brutally beaten by Graviton, aka Franklin Hall, lies on the floor in a position Dragon Ball Z fans will surely remember.

Deadpool finds itself again and assumes it legendary pose, the yamcha adopted after he was killed by one of Vegeta and Nappa's Saibaman during the Saiyan saga. Unlike Warrior Z, however, Wade Wilson doesn't die. If he claims "Missing All Might" he will be saved by Captain America and the rest of the Avengers.

What do you think of this disrespectful quote from Akira Toriyama's work? The talkative mercenary will meet Goku in the end and Vegeta in the next few chapters of the Marvel manga dedicated to him? Meanwhile, All Might rescued Wade Wilson at the cross between Deadpool: Samurai and My Hero Academia.

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