In Italy we can count on many well-established and good voice actors from both the new and the old generation. There is the YouTuber Maurizio Merluzzo and Gianluca Iacono, the voice of Vegeta. This includes Daniele Raffaeli, another major voice actor who has spent a lifetime in animation with many roles.

THE Roles by Daniele Raffaeli The dissolution between souls of many genres and several times has given protagonists or other important characters the voice. So let's check out his career for his five of the most famous roles in the world of anime.

  • Let's start with his role in Neon Genesis Evangelion, which was later resumed in the old films and Rebuild as well. Daniele Raffaeli is indeed the voice of Shinji Ikari, the third child whose thoughts we have known and followed throughout the television series.
  • In newer roles there is the Shonen Fairy Tail, in which Raffaeli gave his voice Gray fullbuster, Rival of the protagonist Natsu.
  • His remains among the lighter shaped Shonen Role as Shinpachi Shimura from Gintama. Many seasons of the anime are produced and therefore many lines are recited for the character.
  • One of the latest hits in recent years is Tokyo Ghoul, based on the manga of the same name by Sui Ishida. In 2015 Raffaeli lent his voice to Hideyoshi Nagachika, known as Hide.
  • Finally, one of his most famous roles in recent times is The Attack of the Giants. While we waited for season 4, we could appreciate it for its Interpretation as Levi Ackerman in the first three seasons of the anime.

We've been able to go through Daniele Raffaeli's voices for a long time, including in video games where he recently launched himself in the role of Jin Sakai from Ghost of Tsushima to his historic role in the Ben10 cartoon.

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