The creator Jun Inagawa announced the production of a new original anime entitled Mahou Shoujo Magical Destroyer ((Magical girl Magical destroyer). The promotional content suggests an "otaku hero" and a "magical anarchist girl" as protagonists, but no further details were revealed.

Production team

  • Jun Inagawa is responsible for the direction of the anime without revealing the responsible study.
  • Manjimaru Shimada is referred to as the "magical girl".
  • Ucary & Valentine's Day are responsible for composing the soundtrack during Anan Kaminaka takes care of the production.
  • Toru Sakoda meanwhile works as a stylist Kenchan, Shiraishi Y. Yasumasa Itoh are credited as support.
  • Graphic designer GUCCIMAZE was responsible for the logo design.

Inagawa is known for blurring the lines between different subcultures such as anime and music. While Inagawa has worked with numerous clothing brands and musicians, this was the first project where she was able to do what she "really wanted" to do.

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