Choujin X, the new manga from the author of Tokyo Ghoul, will return with a new chapter on MangaPlus on July 20, 2021as revealed by Shueisha a few moments ago. The author published one chapter a month from May to July and, oddly enough, decided to publish the fourth chapter just five days after it was last published.

The third chapter of Choujin X premiered on July 16 on the official Shueisha platform and showed the continuation of the adventures of Azuma and Tokyo, the two protagonists. The manga does excellent numbers in Japan and the West, and fortunately Sui Ishida seems careful not to let too much time pass between chapters, a real godsend when you consider that the manga is published infrequently.

Choujin X tells the story of Tokyo's Kurohara and Azuma Higashi, two boys who live in an alternate world full of terrifying creatures called Choujin. Intending to save himself and his friend from the attack of one of these monsters, Tokyo decides to inject itself with a liquid and transform itself into one of these creatures, a kind of hybrid between humans and vultures. In the third chapter, the protagonists tried to reverse the process, but without achieving the desired results.

What do you think of that? Are you following this series? Tell us in the comments! For further information on the work we refer to the summary of the first chapter of Choujin X.

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