It made its debut in Japanese cinemas in the summer of 2022 Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes, an anime film produced by TOEI Animation that forgoes the intergalactic battles of Goku and Vegeta to approach lighter tones of Slice of Life. Despite this, Chinese censorship hit the product.

When Goku and Vegeta have a friendly confrontation on the planet Beerus, sul Planet Earth Gohan's family lives a peaceful life and calm. However, the Red Ribbon threatens the peace in the shadows.

Especially in the early stages, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a colorful and happy movie that has nothing to do with violence or banned content. However, the Feature film did not escape Chinese censorship.

User @kamisamaexp has noted that the version of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero that will be projected in Chinese cinemas starting January 6, 2023 has small but significant differences from the original. In the image that you will find in the article, you can observe the difference between the Japanese and Chinese editions: the Bulma's butt was completely cut off.

The scene affected by the censorship is not nothing to do with sexually explicit content and it's quite a weird theatre. But not only this scene was shortened or changed. Censorship also affected Cell Max's severed arm and Gotenks' interludes, for example. We leave you some details about the production of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

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