There have only been a few series recently that have been highlighted so clearly at Weekly Shonen Jump that they can make up for any manga that have ended or are about to finish. When we discover the end of Haikyu, one of the new hits surprisingly triggered the beginning of the last story arc: Chainsaw man.

Chainsaw Man is a manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto that has been released on Weekly Shonen Jump since late 2018. As a result, some chapters have been published, just over seventy, and there is no anime yet. Although the author claimed that the manga didn't take long for the story he had imagined, fans faced some implications that seem to scream out loud before an impending end. Spoilers on the final chapters of Chainsaw Man from the next paragraph.

Makima turned out to be the devil of control and was preparing for the final confrontation with the weapon devil, who was in an exchange with the United States. While almost all of the characters died or were retired, only a few remain to watch these final scenes. Aki seems to have fallen victim to Makima's power, but also to the devil's weapon who took possession of his body and showed up at Denji to kill him.

So start Clash between Denji and the weapon devil In one of the final stages of Chainsaw Man. Will the devil's prophecy of the future come true, which will see Aki's and Power's death through Denji? And what will happen to Makima and the devil weapon?

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