chainsaw man It's a real phenomenon of the moment, a series that will be talked about for a long time since Studio MAPPA has invested many resources in the project. The anime will probably even get a second season if it continues to show such strong success in the coming weeks.

The popularity of the anime adaptation of the manga Fujimoto Sensei is such that the scene between Denji and Power from the last episode has already become an official character. This Halloween in particular was marked by numerous young people playing the protagonist of Chainsaw Man as his devil, like a cosplayer in mexico.

The young girl actually went viral on the internet after being interviewed live by a Mexican TV. The scene was so much fun for the community that the series also made it into the big Twitter trends for a while. At the bottom of the news, you can check out a frame that shows part of the interview with the disguised cosplayer Denji.

Before we say goodbye, we just have to direct you to one of the Chainsaw Man merch novelties dedicated to a pair of made-to-measure Pochita sneakers.

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