The second part of chainsaw man began with the introduction of a new character, Asa Mikata, and the dangerous and extremely violent War Devil. However, Denji has not yet officially returned to the pages of the manga, but according to the new devil's main goal, it may not be long.

In fact, we know from the revelations circulating over the past few months that the new part of Denji's adventure will be centered on him high school life, and of course the usual devil hunt. Asa, brought back to life thanks to the war devil's intervention, begins dating in chapter 99 the institution where Chainsaw Man was supposed to beand from day one he joins the devil hunters club.

An important idea for two reasons: The first is opportunity contact Denji as soon as possible, the second because as a club it is easy to make friends with other students who could become part of the army that the devil of war intends to create. In fact, War Devil wants to get as many people on his side as possible Greater chance of defeating the Chainsaw Devil. A challenge that could prove incredibly difficult even for Denji.

Finally, we leave you with the authors' comments on how expectations have affected the production of the Chainsaw Man anime.

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