Public safety restarts after being utterly defeated by the attack of Katana Man and Akane Sawatari, responsible for the deaths of Himeno and numerous other devil hunters Chainsaw Man 1x11 Start of Operation Vengeance.

Denji and Power's training that began in Chainsaw Man 1x10 has ended. By combining their powers and racking their brains, the Devil Chainsaw and the Blood Majin succeeded Convince Kishibe, which it therefore promotes. Meanwhile, in Chainsaw Man 1x11, Aki meets the Future Devil with whom he has the opportunity to sign a pact to fulfill the dream of killing the Pistol Devil. In all of Public Safety have only two hunters signed a pact with the Future Devil, and not cheap. However, Aki is only asked to be allowed to live in the right eye as the hunter will soon die in the worst possible way.

After identifying the position of Katana Man Sawatari thanks to Makima's magicians, the Public security launches its attack. However, the revenge mission involves not only the Division 4 survivors Aki, Denji, Power and Kobeni, but also mysterious beings from the special team.

Along with the Majin Shark, the Majin Violence, the Devil Spider and the Devil Angel, the attack on the Yakuza begins. Engaged in a fight with Sawatari, Aki is about to fall straight into the Phantom Devilthe same devil that Himeno could control.

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