We now know that there are some delicate situations in the United States of America that lead to censorship in some situations. It has long been known as Dragon ball ended up at these sights, and Mr. Popo has been retouched many times so as not to be too associated with stereotypes or to offend some people.

And that's why it was in Chapter 67 of Dragon Ball Super on MangaPlus On December 20, 2020, small but important complaints were filed against the character of Mr. Popo. The Twitter user DBSChronicles has collected some pictures to show the situation and the handling of the Japanese, Spanish and English original versions.

The comparison visible in the tweet below shows how the English version works on Viz Media and MangaPlus Mr. Popo's thick lip line completely removed of the few cartoons in which he appeared and only left a white line as a mouth, as is common with the other characters. However, this function was left as in the original from the Spanish version and was always available on the official MangaPlus platform.

You noticed that minor censorship in Dragon Ball Super 67? Fortunately, none of this stopped Goku and his companions' festivities at the end of a busy saga.

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