In the course of the adventures of Captain Marvel The girl's protagonist had to face numerous situations, including wars and even a confrontation with some of her fellow Avengers. Let's find out what the woman's costume looks like on the register number 28 envelope.

We can get a first look at the through the tweet posted at the bottom of this news item new clothing by Carol Danvers. The heroine wears a black suit on which some red areas are and are visible equipped with a cape and a hood. The belt and logo have also been changed in design.

Even woman's skills seem to have changed, in fact, visually they are similar to those they possess Doctor strangeHowever, it is not yet clear whether this is a consequence of the new costume or whether the use of these skills is separate from it. But what we learn is that the woman will try to get that Control over the mystical arts wear this dress temporarily.

Before we can read the story of Captain Marvel # 28 we have to wait a few months. In fact, number 25 will soon be released in which Carol will commit to putting an end to OVE's plans by finding a way return to your own reality and time.

What do you think of Captain Marvel's new costume and skills? Let us know in a comment.

For those interested, I remember Black Panther, published by Marvel Comics, ends with Volume 25. I also report on news regarding the rights owner of the name Thunderbolts, a group of Marvel Comics villains.

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