The clash with Jigen was one of the anime's most important moments Boruto: Naruto the next generations, which marks the future of the Leaf Village profoundly with heavy losses of the protagonists, one of whom was brutally attacked by Boruto himself, unable to withstand Momoshiki's influence.

After saying goodbye to Kurama, sacrificed himself in Naruto's place for the use of the Baryon mode, another drama occurred in the moments immediately after the defeat of Jigen and Isshiki Otsutsuki. Sasuke was actually met by Boruto, overwhelmed with the expansion of the Karma brand that he was leaving Momoshiki is temporarily free to act checked the boy's body.

Boruto hit his mentor and stuck a kunai in his left eye, causing the Uchiha to lose the Rinneganer. According to Sasuke's theory, the events that caused them the awakening of Momoshiki were the loss of consciousness and the exhaustion of the protagonist's chakra. Unfortunately, Amado's revelations about the true nature of karma have turned out to be true, and it shouldn't take long Completion of the copy of the genetic material of Momoshiki in the body of Boruto.

Another major innovation, as you can see in the video below shared by @ Abdul_S17, is that the protagonist manages to interrupt Momoshiki's intervention Breaking the horn formed with the extension of the mark. What do you think of this karma news? Tell us in the comments below.

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