Naruto and Sasuke prepare for their toughest fight Boruto: Naruto the next generations so far and maybe even more difficult than the duel against Kaguya. Indeed, it cannot be ruled out that one of the two ninja will leave us feathers against the fearsome opponent.

Boruto's chapter 49 has finally begun Fight against Isshiki who had arrived in Konoha to catch Kawaki and complete his own resurrection was intercepted by the Hokage. While Naruto was preparing to defend the Leaf Village, Sasuke spent a few minutes with Boruto to understand and act upon his intentions Strategy to remove the enemy from the city.

Before Naruto's son puts the plan into action, he asks his mentor to borrow the historic forehead cover to gain courage. Sasuke agrees, but clearly warns him that "he will do well to return it to him personally"This dialogue can also have another meaning beyond returning an object to Uchiha, as it clashes perfectly with his most recent declaration of being ready to die for Konoha. As we know, in the first chapter of the manga, just like in chapter 49, a young Boruto wears this eyebrow cover to prepare for the clash with Kawaki. Hence it is possible that something horrible can happen in the fierce battle between the ninja against Isshiki to the point that Boruto will not be able to return the eyebrow cover to Sasuke.

Could Uchiha Really Die During The Battle? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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