At the end of the second Chunin selection test in the anime series by Boruto: Naruto the next generations a new unpublished narrative arc has been inaugurated in which Kawaki began his journey to officially become a Leaf Village ninja. However, his first mission ran into numerous difficulties.

To become one Genin from Konoha, Kawaki has a very simple mission from Rango D. to complete. However, Naruto and Shikamaru have requested that this mission be completed along with a team other than Team 7 that has worked with him multiple times. In this way, Kawaki can build a relationship of trust with all of the young ninjas in the sheet. Due to his restless and listless character, however, the boy fails in the missions at the side of the first teams. His last chance is to complete a C Rank Al mission next to Shikadai and Chocho.

The trio has the task of escorting a little boy to the land of the calm sea: However, this task involves numerous pitfalls. Chocho is hurt due to the attack of a mysterious ninja and Mozaku loses the package he was carrying. Realizing that this mission is of a much higher rank than originally planned, Shikadai decides to do so return and return to Konoha. back, but Mozuku refuses. The package he was carrying is vital for his entire village.

Kawaki therefore decides ignore orders and help Mozuku by finding the ninja responsible for the theft. Once his position is identified, an arduous challenge begins. Will Kawaki protect Mozuku, defeat the antagonist and bring the precious package back to the village?

We remind you that this will be the last episode of Boruto in 2021. The next one will come after a one-week break on January 9, 2022.

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