The current story arc of the Boruto Manga: Naruto the Next Generations confronted the Leaf Village ninja with the greatest threat they have ever faced. Isshiki Otsutsuki is more powerful than even Kaguya, and the Seventh Hokage was forced to make an extreme gesture. What will happen to him?

Not even the combined forces of Naruto and Sasuke could do anything about Isshiki's fury, which Konoha attacked in search of a new container for her body. But just as he seemed defeated, the Seventh Hokage used a secret technique to defend his village. Baryon mode, however it could cost him his life;; or at least the author wants us to believe that.

The first reason that makes us believe that Naruto's death is just a great staging is the anime's first moments when Boruto and Kawaki compete in a leap into the future in a leafy village that is now completely devastated by war. At this point, Kawaki says he wants to send Boruto "where he sent the seventh Hokage". That would mean that Isshiki won't kill Naruto, but Kawaki.

Even after this scene, Kawaki could literally have sent Naruto elsewhere. It wouldn't be new to the franchise; We have already seen in the past that thanks to the Rinnegan or the Karma Seal, Shinobi is able to teleport their opponents.

The fight between Isshiki and Naruto therefore only prepares fans for it a future tragedy. What do you think about it? Will Naruto save himself from this fight? If he abandoned us, we would assume who could replace the Hokage in Boruto. Let's find out the Boruto Chapter 53 release date and predictions.

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