The ninja world of Naruto and Boruto it's very dangerous. Despite the large number of soldiers for each village, these cities must also activate other defense systems in order to reduce the risks to civil security. How Konoha protects against attack treacherous ninjas and lowly bandits?

The walls of Konoha village serve as the actual boundary of this chakra barrier. The sphere that spreads from the village's defense centers allows for the detection of objects from both the sky and the underground, and obviously at ground level from the doors and walls. Naruto's sensory ninjas control this barrier, Of course, among their representatives, the members of the Yamanaka clan stand out.

But how does this barrier work in detail? Basically it comes a network of chakra threads around Konoha. extended that interacts with every touch. The chakra recognizes the genetic imprint of whoever enters or exits and compares it to that of the archives that hold it to understand whether it is a ninja from the Village of Leaf or the Land of Fire or ninja from others Villages trades or characters unknown.

When these enter the village, they are tracked and interrogated in order to understand their intentions, unless they attack in an offensive manner, such as attacks on land or underground, as was the case with the siege of Pain. However, it is not possible to follow them while they are in the village: to avoid invasion of privacy, i Chakra threads are limited to confirmation of entry or exitwhile it is up to the Chunin and Jonin to stay and patrol within the walls.

The only way to get in without sounding the alarm is erase the imprint of your chakra, Skills that almost no one in the world of Naruto and Boruto possesses. Kawaki, for example, is one of the few who can reset his chakra and cannot be located by the recognition systems.

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