The defeat of Isshiki Otsutsuki is only the prelude to the final battle between the Konoha ninja and the Kara organization. Code, having incomplete karma, intends to avenge its master and therefore eliminate those who dared to kill him. Until the long-awaited clash, the two factions study each other in man’s manga Boruto.

To mark the release of the sixtieth chapter of Boruto, V-Jump, Sheuisha’s monthly magazine, has made a spectacular Clip that animates the highlights. The final chapter of Masashi Kishimoto’s work focuses more on Kawaki’s great concern and the new villain’s plan.

We can see in the short film Code, Ada and Daemonarguing about their mysterious powers and what to do. To conquer the scene, however, it is Kawaki, who in this chapter revealed his doubts to the Hokage.

Kawaki feels marginalized by the Leaf Village and is afraid that his Presence in Konoha can only bring pain and despair. However, the seventh Hokage claims that the leaf is his new home and that the Uzumaki family will take him in for as long as he likes. If the boy does not integrate, he will fail as the village chief.

Back at home, where Boruto, Hinata, and Himawari welcome him, Kawaki realizes that the plant pot which accidentally broke in its early days in Konoha. But not only that, the boy also receives an unexpected gift, the cover of the newspaper captured by Boruto. Flee or stay? Here the indecision is one of Boruto’s protagonists. We’ll also leave you with an in-depth study of the Naruto-Kawaki connection.

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