One of Naruto's most unexpected and touching farewell celebrations: Shippuden was that of Jiraiya, the toad hermit, or as his student would say the hog hermit. However, a fan brought Seventh Hokage's mentor back to life in a stunning fan clip Boruto: Naruto the next generations. Will he be proud of his former student?

Although the great Jiraya was killed by the leader of the Dawn Organization in Naruto: Shippuden, he also appeared officially in the sequel Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations in an arc in which the protagonist and Sasuke traveled back in time. But could Jiraya ever go back to the current timeline? As shown several times by Kishimoto, death in the franchise is short-lived and only A forbidden technique could revive him.

This event was featured by Twitter user @KakashiXY who shared a heartbreaking clip on his profile that he is watching Jiraya returns to the world of the living. During the very short video, the Sannin observes how much Konoha has changed under Naruto's guidance. As he lives on the stone sculptures of the Hokage, Jiraya tears with joy at the achievement of his beloved student. What do you think will we actually see this scene one day? In the latest episode of Boruto, Orochimaru is back on the battlefield. The most anticipated narrative arc of the Boruto animated series is about to begin.

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