Despite being welcomed by the fans for Masashi Kishimoto's return to the reins of history Boruto: Naruto the next generationsThere are some elements that are starting to leak on the net and affect Shueisha's decision to be a real Ukyo Kodachi fire.

Ukyo Kodachi's words yesterday indicated that the sensei should only be used for 13 volumes of the manga. Despite the news, it is difficult to appear truthful as the fate of Samurai 8: The Legend of Hachimaru was uncertain until it was canceled, the reactions of the fans were very different.

In fact, for the last few hours, a disturbing detail has emerged from many parts that, if confirmed, would cast a shadow over the handover between Kodachi and Kishimoto. Therefore, after some rumors, it seems that the now ex-writer from Boruto: Naruto the next generations was fired. The reasons for such motivations would be hidden supposedly bad attitudes from Kodachi to the manga staff and in particular to about a certain scandal. Apparently these rumors have not been confirmed, but the behavior of the Sensei has been discussed for some time.

According to some theories, it is possible that the real news behind this handover will never be revealed so as not to negatively affect the success of the Naruto franchise. Anyway, Kishimoto is back to take the reins of the series and we just have to see how the story unfolds over the next few chapters. As for you, what do you think of these rumors instead? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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