Boruto and companions are now fully involved in a new mission. The arrival of Eida and Daemon in Leaf Village has turned the protagonists' lives upside down, and Amado's revelations have led to dangerous and interesting realities. Let's see how the situation unfolded in Chapter 76 available on MangaPlus.

Amado's interrogation continues. Shikamaru seeks Eida's confirmation regarding the possible intentions of Akebi or her clone or Delta and if she could in any way prove hostile towards Konoha. Amado confidently states that he has not mentioned these details before because neither the Seventh Hokage nor anyone else within the walls of Konoha, except kawakiShe could have helped him get his daughter back.

The boy asks Amado directly if she won't turn into an Otsutsuki if they manage to bring Akebi back to life. The scientist sadly admits he doesn't know and is caught up in the horrifying reality he claims he is facing his own last chance to get his daughter back. Sensing the seriousness of the situation, Eida asks Shikamaru to rest. The first day of Boruto, Kawaki, Eida and Daemon living together ends with the two protagonists and the girl lost in thought and worry about what is about to happen.

After a tense breakfast Eida asks to have more girls in the housethat you can trust. He then orders Sarada and Sumire, who are already nearby, to arrive. Invited to enter the house and spend time with Eida away from the boys, Sarada and Sumire chat about boys and Eida's strong infatuation with Kawaki.

As Eida tries to strike up a normal conversation, as if she were with friends, and to describe how she feels about the boy, Sumire and Sarada Noting that they weren't yet impressed by his convincing technique, they inform Shikamaru of the important detail. Konoha's advisors forcefully state that they may be the only ones who can kill Eida.

Momoshiki seems to have understood where Eida's persuasion technique comes from, and Boruto, noticing Otsutsuki's thoughts, gets nervous and asks him for explanations. Sensing this sudden change in his mate, Kawaki stands up and commands Momoshiki to manifest.

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