To prepare for an opponent of Code's caliber, the Leaf's village cannot rely solely on its own internal forces. About this in the last chapters of Boruto Shikamaru tries in every way to get to know both Eida and Daemon, the new guests of Konoha, and Amado.

That Chapter 75 It is full of very important information for the continuation of the story, which the former Kara Organization scientist fully shares, but also a detail related to his own past has attracted particular interest. In spite of Shikamaru still has doubts about Amado and his loyalty to Konoha, the scientist reveals the real reason behind studying the Otsutsuki's powers.

Years prior to the narrative, Amado lost his daughter to a terminal illness and decided to bring her back to life through cloning. Although the clone appeared to be identical his daughter Akebi, and had his memories, the result was a completely different person. This clone later became Delta, a former Kara Organization insider and now an ally of Konoha. A heavy revelation that could change Shikamaru and Naruto's Judgment on Amadoalso considering his true intentions and Kawaki's role in achieving his goal.

Finally we leave you the details that have come to light about a member of the Otsutsuki clan.

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