Boruto 58 is just around the corner. Mikio Ikemoto and Masashi Kishimoto Manga will be published soon on MangaPlus and V-Jump. But some have already surfaced online full bodied spoilers for Boruto chapter 58Let's find out what it is.

The Chapter 58 of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations is titled "The right tool for the right job: idiots, scissors and that damn bastard" and the opening is a two-tone page with Boruto and Kawaki in the middle, while key characters like Code, Amado, Shikamaru, gives. Naruto and many others.

The conversion to a Boruto Otsutsuki continuesfacing his father, who has just received the pills from Amado. Naruto explains exactly the situation and the effects of these pills to his son, but Boruto takes one and immediately puts it in his mouth. Naruto is upset, but Boruto replies that he made a decision some time ago and that they will never know what the side effects are without trying.

The scene moves with you outside Kawaki, Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki together. Kawaki asks his friend why he is taking this drug despite the risks, while Boruto replies that he made a decision knowing the risks. Mitsuki is speechless while Kawaki gets angry as it could jeopardize the plan to use code. But Boruto knows that Kawakis is just a hypothesis and nobody knows how strong the enemy is.

Konohamaru and Naruto watch them from above while Sarada asks them to stop screaming and instead exercise. Kawaki and Uchiha start arguing, while Konohamaru replies that the boy doesn't know how to be very cooperative. Kawaki gets angry knowing there isn't a lot of time and the training they are doing will produce results in many years' time and Mitsuki understands what he is trying to say. The Kawaki's suggestion to try hands-on training is then taken into account. Naruto stops Konohamaru to prevent him from intervening in the fight.

Kawaki continues to fight Mitsukiand answered Sarada's sentences from a distance when he too entered the fight and got the boy into serious trouble. But the Kawaki in trouble was a clone, and the real one wanted to attack Sarada from behind, but Boruto intervenes in time to stop the attack. Boruto decides to face Kawaki in a 1 VS 1and if he loses, they will stop this training, otherwise they will use whatever method Kawaki wants to use. Konohamaru and Naruto continue to monitor the situation, although they seem more concerned than before.

Boruto and Kawaki begin to fight, with Kawaki taking advantage of karma to absorb any attacks. However, on the occasion of a Boruto ninjutsu, the karma does not work and Kawaki is rejected, causing the fight to be lost. Boruto tries to convince the boy to rely more on his friends instead of doing everything himself. Kawaki seems to accept the termsEven if he chooses, he wants to get stronger at all costs.

This ends Boruto 58, a chapter that focuses entirely on the group of protagonists. The next chapter will appear in June.

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