Episode 287 of the Boruto anime began the Saga of the Assault of Code, a major story arc in which the ninja of Leaf Village must face a new and dangerous threat. L'The last of the Kara surrounds himself with new alliesthis is Eida.

Code inherited the will of Isshiki Otsutsuki. He will be the one to grow a new divine tree and feed on its fruits to ascend to a divine existence. To do this, however, he needs allies who will fight for his cause.

In Boruto 288, Code tries to convince Eida to follow his orders, even if it means killing her. However, the girl possesses a dangerous power that allows her no creature can resist its charm. Enchanted by her beauty, Code throws down his weapons and surrenders at her feet. The only limit to her magical ability lies within the Ootsutsuki, the only beings not in love with her. For this reason, Eida seems interested in Kawaki and to get to know him, he decides to help Code sacrifice Boruto.

However, Eida is also possessed of a second power, the senrigan, a dojutsu that allows him to see, know, and hear everything from his birth to the present. Through his eye art, he is able, for example, tojoint training of Team 7, which turns into a lonely fight between Kawaki and Boruto. Without karma, Kawaki surrenders to Boruto, but before shaking his hand, he promises him if he is controlled by Momoshiki Ootsutsuki again. Another protagonist will also debut in Boruto 289.

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