After the family vacation in Boruto 258, the heroes of the new generation return to Leaf Village, where another mission is already waiting for them. The Konoha Police Department is on the trail of a mysterious criminal who is attacking former Art of the Wind ninja users. in the Boruto 259 the mystery deepens.

Kotaro Fuma, the jonin who plays the role of Konoha Military Police Captain, Inform Team 7 about some crimes who rage at night and ask for their help. A mysterious criminal stuns his victims with narcotic smoke and shreds their clothing as if to examine their chests. Research shows that the victims involved are all former shinobi who practiced the art of wind, and none of them were killed or robbed.

After accepting the job willingly, Boruto, Sarada, and Kawaki realize something is wrong with Mitsuki. Since returning from the Land of Water mission, Mitsuki has been unable to find her kitten and asks her teammates if they can. help him with his research.

An evening, Mitsuki finally notices Mikazuki who, however, is in the company of a new owner who approaches him with the nickname Niboshi. As Mitsuki approaches, she befriends the girl who appears to have recently arrived at the paper with her brother. After a clarification with her, Mitsuki gives Mikazuki complete freedom to be in the company of her new friend.

However, on the same evening a Konoha is committed a new crime. Mitsuki immediately notes that her new acquaintance is somehow involved, although she doesn't mention it to her friends for Mikazuki's sake.

Finally, the girl and her brother face their latest target, a former criminal who once used the art of wind to kill her father. Thanks to Mitsuki's intervention, the man arrives captured by the Konoha police, and the two boys pardoned, even if they were forced to leave the village. Soon the sixth Hokage will return in Boruto 260.

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