The long, bloody struggle in the Land of Water is over. The anime series of Boruto: Naruto the next generationsShe is now ready for a new cycle of original episodes. The most recent, Number 256, puts the spotlight on the legendary cast of Konoha Ino-Shika-Cho.

Back at Leaf Village, the guys from Team 7 treat themselves to a delicious hamburger in the company of friends team 10 However, the training is incomplete as Shikadai was recalled on a mission that Inojin and Chocho were unable to participate in as they are still genin. At this point, Boruto and Sarada make the two ninjas think: if they don't keep up with their partner, they will be for him. a burden.

After the snack, Inojin and Chocho also get a mission in Boruto 256. The sensory team will inform you An intruder has been identified in Konoha wanted by another small village. The two of Team 10 immediately start looking for him and manage to catch him in no time.

In reality, this is a misconception. This wanted man has now been pardoned by his country and is only in Konoha for his newbie profession as a restaurateur. Inspired by Ichiraku, he decided to open his own ramen shop, but he still doesn't have the right recipe to satisfy his customers.

To pay off, Inojin and Chocho suggest helping him with his goal. After several vicissitudes, Inojin and Chocho's mission overlaps with Shikadai's important and very secret mission. Thanks to the persistence of the two genins, the chunin task is completed and the restaurateur finally finds the recipe for the secret ramen, renamed Ramen Ino Shika Cho. To find out what will happen next, here is the preview of the next episodes of Boruto.

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