Boruto flies towards the end of the original anime saga in the land of water. That Mizukage Chojuro and the leader of the pirates Araumi Funato You are determined to put an end to a great naval battle once and for all. During Episode 252, Team 7 will try to prevent a war.

The numerous deaths caused by War between ninjas and pirates shocks Boruto, who now opposes war and tries to restore peace. The Hokage's son is aware that by continuing the clashes, the circle of hatred that has formed would be fed incessantly.

However, the leaders of the two factions do not seem to agree with this reasoning. That Mizukage is angry about Kagura's death and the murder of Isari in Boruto 251 broke off the peace negotiations. On the other hand, Araumi has passed command to Ikadawho gave up his dream of swearing revenge and leading his people to victory.

Team 7, led by Master Kajiki via boat, will try to mediate in any way they can to avoid the two factions. Boruto's goal is mediate with Chojuro and Ikada to explain to them that this new fight would only arouse new desires for revenge on both sides. But Boruto, will he be able to impose his idea like his father did to his enemies?

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