With the next episode of Boruto: Naruto the next generations, the narrative arc Kawaki: Clash with Kara finally comes to life. As Kawaki slowly got used to his new life in the Hidden Leaf Village thanks to the love that the Seventh Hokage had for him, Kara’s Interiors organized herself for her next step.

Kawaki was welcomed into the Uzumaki house under the protective wing of Naruto himself and started his own second Life. Now he’s no longer just Jigen’s ship or an experimental subject, but a simple boy who is free to live his life with joy.

Despite some initial adjustment problems, especially a difficult coexistence with Boruto, Kawaki eventually accepted the benevolence of Naruto, who in this way managed to ‘Heir to the third Hokageas well as reviewing the teachings of Iruka, Kakashi, and Jiraiya and earning the title of best anime father.

But the Karma seal One puzzle remains to be solved, and the Hokage is well aware of the risks Boruto and Kawaki take if their resonance is activated. To better understand how this force works, the seventh organizes group training with his two boys. In the meantime, however, the Kara organization has moved.

Before that, Kashin Koji and Delta had come to the edge of the village. Koji, knowing that a sensory team capable of intercepting the chakras that do not belong to members of the leaf has been placed at the entrance to Konoha, forces Delta to just wait. However, for some mysterious reason, he manages infiltrate undisturbedand not set off Captain Ino Yamanaka’s alarm.

Delta is tired of waiting for news from Koji and seems ready to unleash her anger. In episode 197, titled “Delta,” we’ll see how she goes Kawaki’s search. Here are further advances for Boruto.

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